First Line Friday is a weekly feature that I now love to take part in.

It is hosted by Wandering Words.

What if, instead of judging a book by its cover or by its author, we judged the book by its opening lines?

Here is how it works:

– Pick a book off your shelf and open to the first page.

– Copy the first few lines without giving the book away.

– Reveal the book

Here we go!

There are two things you know.

One: You were there. Two: You couldn’t have been there.

Holding these two incompatible truths together takes skill at juggling. Of course juggling requires a third ball to keep the rhythm smooth. That third ball is time – which bounces much more wildly than any of us would like to believe. The time is 5 a.m. You know this, because there’s a batterypowered clock on your bedroom wall that ticks so loudly you sometimes have to smother it with a pillow. And yet, while it’s five in the morning here, it’s also five in the evening somewhere in China – proving that incompatible truths make perfect sense when seen with global perspective. You’ve learned, however, that sending your thoughts to China is not always a good thing.

Scroll down to reveal the book!

Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

I’ve just started this. So far, so good.