Happy Halloween Tag!

Blogtober Day Thirty One Happy Halloween! 🎃👻 I thought I’d put together a little Halloween Tag. I’ll tag some fellow bloggers at the end of the post, but feel free to take part either way. I’d love to see your answers! 🎃 What is your favourite scary monster?🎃 I would have to say a ghost.Continue reading “Happy Halloween Tag!”

I’ve Had So Much Fun!

Blogtober Day Thirty Blogtober has pushed me to write a blog post every day this October. I can’t say that every post has been the best, or that everybody has enjoyed them, but I’ve had fun. What’s better than that? I have a special Halloween post for tomorrow, and then November starts! It’s gonna beContinue reading “I’ve Had So Much Fun!”

Seeing my dog – do you have any pets??

Blogtober Day Twenty Eight It’s been a lazy day today. Honestly haven’t done too much at all, other than going to see my dog. Skye stays at my mums house now. I can’t risk her around a baby so a few times a week, I go to visit and get my puppy fix! Every timeContinue reading “Seeing my dog – do you have any pets??”

Preptober #3

Blogtober Day Twenty Four I’ve been working all day on prepping for NaNoWriMo! I’ve been focusing on a new creature that appears in my novel. It is an immortal creature that preys on the younger characters in my book! I’m having soo much fun coming up with the creatures background, and it’s overall appearance. WhatContinue reading “Preptober #3”

Sci-Fi Month 2021

Blogtober Day Twenty One I can’t believe that November is almost here! November is a special month this year: not only is it Sci-fi Month and NaNoWriMo, but it’s also my due date month! Lots of exciting stuff! Today, I’m gonna introduce Sci-fi month to you (if you haven’t heard of it before) so youContinue reading “Sci-Fi Month 2021”

Preptober #2

Blogtober Day Nineteen I’ve been doing some more prepping today for NaNoWriMo! Today has been all about character development. I’ve been surprised with how I’ve managed to develop my characters even further – and this is the third book! I’m going to begin plotting my chapters tomorrow, but I can already see this story isContinue reading “Preptober #2”

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