What Are You Watching?

Blogtober Day Eight

With lots of time on my hands now, I’ve found myself binge watching some TV. And why not?!

Harry Potter

Firstly, I thought I’d have a Harry Potter marathon (which is perfect for this type of year).

I love these films (although they aren’t as good as the books) and it’s been a while since I’ve watched them. I am currently on Prisoner of Azkaban.

Last Man Standing

This is a series that I came across by accident, and I am really enjoying. It’s on Disney + and is a sitcom starring Tim Allen.

It is quite funny, although very controversial. Brilliant series, and already I am watching season seven.

What are you watching this October? Let me know in the comments! 😃

What Are You Reading?

Blogtober Day Seven

So, somewhat a little late today. Yesterday was a stressful day which ended up in a couple of hours at the hospital, however baby boy is fine, thank goodness. But yes, today’s blog post escaped my mind through the stress!

I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know what I’m currently reading, and I’d love to know what you’re reading too!

An Innocent Baby by Cathy Glass

I love Cathy’s books, and this one has me hooked already!

Let me know what you’re reading in the comments!

Book Review: Green Rising – Lauren James

Blogtober day five

The blurb from the back of the book:

Gabrielle is a climate-change activist who shoots to fame when she becomes the first teenager to display a supernatural ability to grow plants from her skin. Hester is the millionaire daughter of an oil tycoon and the face of the family business. Theo comes from a long line of fishermen, but his parents are struggling to make ends meet.

On the face of it, the three have very little in common. Yet when Hester and Theo join Gabrielle and legions of other teenagers around the world in developing the strange new “Greenfingers” power, it becomes clear that to use their ability for good, they’ll need to learn to work together. But in a time of widespread corruption and greed, there are plenty of profit-hungry organizations who want to use the Greenfingers for their own ends. And not everyone would like to see the Earth saved…

As they navigate first love and family expectations, can the three teenagers pull off the ultimate heist and bring about a green rising?

I loved this one so much! I have loved every book written by Lauren James, and this was no exception.

I loved the storyline, and not only because it is so current (other than the magical aspects of course), but because it is so informative. It really opened my eyes to the effects of global warming.

It has really inspired me.

I loved the Greenfingers, and everything that they represent. I wish I had my own greenfinger ability! It was so cool what they managed to accomplish in such a short space of time, and from space too!

The relationship between Hester and Theo was lovely too. I liked how they made each other stronger.

This was a brilliant read, and I look forward to Lauren’s next book!

I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Baby Boy’s TBR…

Blogtober Day Four

So, I am officially on maternity leave. I can’t believe that in just seven weeks or less, my baby boy will be in my arms! 😍

In preparation of his arrival, and so he gets used to my voice, I’ve been reading to him. Below are a few of my favourites that I’m going to re-read to him when he gets here!

The Twinkly Twinkly Bedtime Book is so cute, and I love that it has lights inside! 💡

The That’s Not My… books are also awesome as they are touchy feel books so it is something for little man to interact with!

For those of you with children, do you read to them too? What are their favourite books?

October TBR… so far

Blogtober day three

There are lots of books on my TBR list, so I’ve thought of a few that I really want to read, and will definitely get to this month.

Green Rising by Lauren James

This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

What is on your TBR this month? Have you read any of the above? What did you think? 🤔

Book Review: The Panda, the Cat and the Dreadful Teddy – Paul Magrs

Blogtober Day Two

Enter the world of me, Panda, plus my sometime-friends Cat and Teddy. You will find us living our best lives, trying (and occasionally succeeding) to be kind to each other. The cat is quite nice but can be a little bit selfish. Teddy can come across as very nice, with his squeaky voice and looking so tiny and helpless. But I must warn you, Teddy can be a vicious little backstabber, actually.

This is a book of nice illustrations and some words from which you will likely gain some sort of inspiration. Like:

‘Just because you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you’re failing… But it might do.’
‘Nothing beats kindness,’ said the cat. ‘Gin does’, said Panda.
‘If you don’t stop saying inspirational things to me, I’m going to punch you up the hooter.’
‘You OK, hun?’ asked Panda, but he was just taking the piss.
‘We’re just so, so lucky to have each other as friends, and it’s going to make a marvellous book.’

This was such a great read! It certainly made me smile! 😆

It was so refreshing to read something so honest and humorous.

I laughed out loud multiple times. If you want to smile then you must pick this one up.


I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Autumnal Covers

Blogtober Day One

What better way to start October than with a post about autumnal covers?

They certainly get me in the mood for cosy reading by the fire 🔥

How pretty are all these covers?? 😍🍂🍁

Which covers remind you of Autumn/Fall? Are you also taking part in Blogtober? Leave your links in the comments and I’ll check out your posts!

Blogtober 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and to be honest, I have really lost my mojo!

What better way to get back into blogging than with Blogtober?

Every day in October I will publish a blog post (mostly centred around the autumn 🍂 and Halloween) and mostly covering books and writing, along with some other posts.

Is there anything you would like to read or see published in the next month? Leave suggestions in the comments below 👇

And finally, are you taking part in Blogtober this year? Let me know, and I’ll be sure to check out your posts each day!

Goodreads Monday – 13/09/2021

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. All you have to do is show off a book from your TBR that you’re looking forward to reading.

Zero, Repeat, Forever by G.S. Prendergast

He has no voice or name, only a rank, Eighth. He doesn’t know the details of the mission, only the directives that hum in his mind: Dart the humans. Leave them where they fall.
His job is to protect his Offside. Let her do the shooting.
Until a human kills her…

Sixteen-year-old Raven is at summer camp when the terrifying armored Nahx invade. Isolated in the wilderness, Raven and her fellow campers can only stay put. Await rescue. Raven doesn’t like feeling helpless, but what choice does she have?

Then a Nahx kills her boyfriend.

Thrown together in a violent, unfamiliar world, Eighth and Raven should feel only hate and fear. But when Raven is injured, and Eighth deserts his unit, their survival comes to depend on trusting each other…

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