Preptober #4

Blogtober Day Twenty Nine

Today has been all about planning out my chapters. I never used to do this and was more of a ‘pantser’ than a planner.

Last year, I plotted everything out and I found it so much easier! I had a guide to write by, and although I often strayed from the plan, I had a guideline.

I feel so much more prepared now, and I can’t wait for Monday so that I can start writing the conclusion of my fantasy series.

Are you taking part in NANOWRIMO? What is your project about?

Published by lisasbooksgemsandtarot

My name is Lisa and the pooch in my profile picture is my baby, Skye. I love everything bookish! I also find things like tarot and angel cards, along with runes and gemstones really interesting and I like to incorporate these into my photos.

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