My Writing – Hydrus

Each week I want to share some of my WIP with you…I’m also welcome to any comments or criticisms.

Hydrus is a sci-fi novel that I’m hoping to publish soon. Take a look at the next part:

I was back at the base. It wouldn’t be long now until I joined Matthew in taking the plunge.

I dropped off my scarce amount of luggage at the front desk. I was told not to bring too much, but it’s not like I had that much anyway; my toothbrush, some clothes and a picture of my parents was all I needed.

I followed the receptionist’s directions, winding my way through the bright corridors. My reflection could be seen upon every surface of the shiny metal walls. I looked brighter than I had in a long time. My brown hair looked healthier and shinier, almost reaching the bottom of my back. My eyes looked alive, bluer than they had ever been. I now had a purpose, and I couldn’t wait to start my next chapter.

(C) Lisa Ann Rowe 2021


Also, check out the cover for my next novel! Autem is coming soon!!


  1. This is a great idea sharing your WIP. It gets my attention. Although, one small tip. You can ignore it but instead of using the phrase “brightly lit corridor” you can show as if you know the “corridor was illuminated like the afternoon sky” or something. Just a suggestion. 😇

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