My Writing – Hydrus

Each week I want to share some of my WIP with you…I’m also welcome to any comments or criticisms.

Hydrus is a sci-fi novel that I’m hoping to publish soon. Take a look at the first chapter:

“Are you sure you understand how this works?” The cryogenicist in front of me looked expectant waiting for my answer.

“I do.” I knew what I was getting myself into. There was no other choice, not unless I wanted to end up like my parents.

I had no one else.

It was an easy decision.

“Okay, so we will set up the chamber for two days from now. You have until then to get your affairs in order and get whatever you need to take with you,” he explained.

I looked at his friendly face, with his greying hair and beard. My mentor, my friend. Matthew had been like a father to me, and now we were taking the next step together.

I wouldn’t see him again for twenty years

So, thoughts?

I’d love to hear what you think! 😊

(C) Lisa Ann Rowe 2021


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