There are so many book boxes out there that it’s hard to choose if you are debating to subscribe.

I subscribe to both Fairyloot and Illumicrate. I thought I would tell you a little about both so if you are thinking about subscribing then you have some information.


Fairyloot is once a month and contains a hardcover book (newly-released YA) and 5-6 bookish items. The book is usually either signed by the author or contains a signed bookplate. The book is also usually a special edition and includes either sprayed edges, a reversible dust jacket or exclusive covers (or all of the above!)

The bookish items can include candles, bookmarks, stationery, wearable items, jewellery, mugs….

Check out the website for Fairyloot here.


Illumicrate is also once a month and includes a newly released book and 4-6 bookish items. The items included are exclusive to Illumicrate which means that you can’t get them anywhere else!

The book is hand-picked by professional bookworms and is an exclusive edition and newly-released. Items include mugs, jewellery, bookmarks, book tins, key chains…

If you aren’t bothered about bookish items, Illumicrate also have a book only subscription.

Check out the website for Illumicrate here.

Do you subscribe to any book boxes? I’d love to hear about some more. Let me know in the comments.