Calling all book bloggers / reviewers!

My very first book is out now on Amazon Kindle, paperback and totally FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

From today (June 16th), Animo will be completely FREE on Amazon Kindle for just FIVE days (7 am GMT, 12 am PDT) until June 20th. (Link)

I am asking anybody who reads it to kindly post a review on their blog / social media as well as on Amazon and Goodreads. (My author page is finally set up!)


About the book

Animo is the first book in The Sationem Series. It is a young adult fantasy novel about elemental magic and a soul-stealing necromantic witch.

The blurb from the back of the book

Willow Awakens with elemental abilites that she shouldn’t have and unwittingly releases a soul-stealing, necromantic witch from magical entrapment.

Blue is a Tree Leader intent on changing the ways and rules of Sationem.

When an elemental imbalance occurs throughout Sationem, Willow and Blue must work together to stop Hazel before the human realm seeps through and their abilities are lost forever.

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