A big thank you to Titan Books for this review copy!

*Publication Date: 15th June 2020*

The blurb from the back of the book:

Some hot property

Mal’s crew desperately need another payday, but not desperately enough to transport a Blue Sun flightcase to Badger, no questions asked, when the area is swarming with Alliance spacecraft equally keen to regain the stolen property. Yet Jayne refuses to miss out, and sneaks the case aboard Serenity.

Lucid Dreams

Within hours of secreting the case Jayne suddenly finds himself back on the Cobb homestead with his brother Matty miraculously cured of the damplung. Wash is at the controls of the highest-spec cruiser money can buy, the billionaire head of a ‘verse-spanning business empire. All of the crew but River are soon immersed in vivid hallucinations of their deepest desires, while their bodies lie insensible on the ship.

Fantasties gone sour

Wash’s empire begins to crumble; the Cobb ranch is under attack by merciless bandits. As everyone’s daydreams turn nightmare, Serenity floats on a crash course towards a barren moon, with only River standing between the crew and certain oblivion.

This is the third book in the Firefly series that ties in with the show.

This is a great story. I love the characters, especially Mal, River and Simon.

I love how you are able to delve into the dreams of each crew member and learn so much more about them.

The writing style is what I have grown to love from James Lovegrove.

I also found the story to be quite dark and gruesome, which really added to the entire thing and brought it together.

Awesome story which has made me want to check out the Firefly series.

I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️