First Line Friday is a weekly feature that I now love to take part in.

It is hosted by Wandering Words.

What if, instead of judging a book by its cover or by its author, we judged the book by its opening lines?

Here is how it works:

– Pick a book off your shelf and open to the first page.

– Copy the first few lines without giving the book away.

– Reveal the book

Here we go!

The second time that Deter regained consciousness, the sharp, acrid smell of ammonia was still there. This time, instead of darkness, the room was ablaze with light. It was a small room, the walls subdued, grimy ochre with cracked lines and a huge stain on the ceiling left over from a water leak above. Three portable builder’s work lights, with a fourth shining right at her bed, lit the room. Deter had never been anywhere like it before, as her life so far had been spent in cosseted luxury. She looked around cautiously, her heart beating increasingly loud, almost as though it were lodged in her ears. Fear rising, she tried not to move, peering beneath half-closed lids to try and assess the situation. Where was she? How did she get here? What happened to her friends? She could sense a presence behind her, and that someone moved to stand next to her.

Scroll down to reveal the book!

Measure of Days by Sophy Layzell

I’ve recently been approved for this by Netgalley and I’m looking forward to reading it.