In honour of #SciFiMonth, I wanted to share my top movies set in space.

I adore science fiction movies and the ones primarily in space are my favourites!

Here we go….


One of my all time top movies. I love how they manage to make a life for themselves on board alone.


I’ll be honest, this one scared me a little. The thought of tumbling through space alone is terrifying!

The Martian

I love this one and how the main character managed to stay alive on a planet he shouldn’t have been able to!


I adore how this movie makes you really think about the bigger picture. What else is out there waiting for us to discover?


I love this one too. I like how we discover new things in space and this movie is no exception to that.

So that’s it!

Do you agree with the movies I’ve picked? What would you add? Let me know in the comments 🙂