SciFi Month: Top Five Movies Set In Space

In honour of #SciFiMonth, I wanted to share my top movies set in space.

I adore science fiction movies and the ones primarily in space are my favourites!

Here we go….


One of my all time top movies. I love how they manage to make a life for themselves on board alone.


I’ll be honest, this one scared me a little. The thought of tumbling through space alone is terrifying!

The Martian

I love this one and how the main character managed to stay alive on a planet he shouldn’t have been able to!


I adore how this movie makes you really think about the bigger picture. What else is out there waiting for us to discover?


I love this one too. I like how we discover new things in space and this movie is no exception to that.

So that’s it!

Do you agree with the movies I’ve picked? What would you add? Let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Hallo, Hallo,…

    travelling through the #SciFiMonth community walkabout routes,.. (ie. twitterverse feeds) I spied your topic and had a feeling you might pick 5x films I’d never heard of or were not my cuppa – a bit spilt down the middle in those regards. My top 5 would be the following:

    Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country (No1) – due to being able to see it for the first time on the big screen after spending my childhood appreciating Trek due to my Dad & Mum’s love of it. I was still quite young when this released and we saw it out of state on a road trip – best memory was seeing everyone I loved in the series up there on a screen where everything felt more epic somehow!

    I, Robot (No2) – mostly due to the concept behind it and how much I felt this co-aligned with the episodes involving Hugh (ie. the Borg with a humanist conscience on ST: TNG) – I really felt absorbed by it and although I know its not the best adaptation it was a thrilling one at the time.

    Galaxy Quest (No3) – definitely due to growing up with Trek and Star Wars (still only a fan of both originals and creators) – sometimes you have to find something that makes you laugh out loud and gives you a wicked good story. Loved the cast choices, too! I’ve seen this one so much I’m surprised the dvd still plays! lol

    ET (No4) – should have put this closer to the top but as its a childhood favourite I lowered it on the list; it is classic sci fi in cinema and has such wonderful takeaway lines to keep saying throughout your years. What is not to love? Plus I loved the ride @ Universal as it gave you that feeling you were with ET!

    How to Train Your Dragon (x3) (No5) – I wasn’t sure where this fit genre wise but it makes a bit of sense its considered SF (though I would have felt more Fantasy?) as it was listed on a top 100 list. I truly felt they had the best continuity and the best overall series arc of narrative for each of the characters — in essence, as I recently re-watched the first two ahead of the third this past Summer, it was wicked brilliant! Plus, #dragons!


    Lovely topic!

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  2. As a SciFi movie fan, I’ve seen and enjoyed all the movies on your top five list. Star Wars and Star Trek would definitely be on my top five list. Then there’s the 1968 classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” that I think should be a must-see for SciFi movie fans.

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  3. I haven’t seen Life but I must get it from library. I adore Gravity and the Martian; they’re both great.
    My top five (without Trek or Wars) would be: Alien (first one), Europa Report, Gravity, the Martian, and Serenity.

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  4. I’m not really a movie watcher myself but some great ones were
    Serenity, Avatar, 2001, Interstellar, and recently I saw Ad Astra and was completely in love with it. Easily the best movie I’ve seen in years.

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