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ARC Review: Hex Life – Part One

I received this book from Titan Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Hex Life is a book of short stories about witches. This is the review for the first half of the book.

It is perfect for Halloween!

An Invitation to a Burning by Kat Howard

A story about a witch finding the place where she belongs.

Widow’s Walk by Angela Slatter

I loved this one about a house full of widowed witches who help a young girl whom is having a hard time and needs some tlc.

Black Magic Momma: An Otherworld Story by Kelley Armstrong

This was such a good story about Eve and her magic. Now I need to read Kelley’s Otherworld series!

The Night Nurse by Sarah Langan

This is a story about a night nurse witch named Wendy helping an over-tired new mother of three. It is mysterious and interesting. Great story.

The Memories of Trees by Mary SanGiovanni

This story was quite graphic, about a witch and her adopted daughter who are to be hanged and the ancient trees that must save them.

Home: A Morganville Vampires Story by Rachel Caine

I was most excited for this story after investing so much time in Morganville. It was a change to see a witch in the small town. The only problem now is that I need more!

The Deer Wife by Jennifer McMahon

An interesting story about a witch in the woods and her true love finding her way back to her.

Also the pages of this book are so pretty!! 😍

Watch this space for the next part of the review!

Have you read this book yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments. 🙂


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My name is Lisa and the pooch in my profile picture is my baby, Skye. I love everything bookish! I also find things like tarot and angel cards, along with runes and gemstones really interesting and I like to incorporate these into my photos.

4 thoughts on “ARC Review: Hex Life – Part One

  1. I absolutely adored this book from the cover (and I’m not a cover person) to the different takes on witchery! I was honored to receive a final version to review from Titan!!!! Every review (including mine) has been nothing but glowing and I think it has deserved all of them! I’m so glad to see it continue with you!

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