Thank you Pensitivity101 for this writing prompt!

Your words today are: dip, clubhouse, scraps

The Treehouse

We had wanted to build a treehouse for a long time. Jonah and I had fantasised about it since we were little. Now, at the age of fourteen, we were making it happen.

We had drawn blueprints and saved scraps of wood and metal from our parents’ sheds. We were pretty sure we had everything we needed, including the perfect location.

“Caleb, are you ready?”

I looked up from the blueprint design to see Jonah walking towards me. I’d been up for hours excitedly checking over everything again.

“Of course! Let’s get everything down to the spot.”

We walked with a wheelbarrow each of materials to our location. We had picked an awesome spot set in the dip of the valley behind my house. There were just two trees really close together, and we had plans to use them both.

We worked all day, but finally, just when the sun was about to set, we finished.

I stepped back to admire our work. Our plans had come together perfectly. It looked fantastic. There was just one thing missing.

We looked at each other, then ran home to fetch our sleeping bags.

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